Our Schedule

House of Yoga Waterford Schedule! All classes 10 euro drop in unless part of a course (Course) 
(until till 2nd December)
11am & 6:15pm Yoga Basics with Margaret
7:30pm Tai Chi with David (Begins on 12/11 for 5 weeks (Course) (12 euro Drop in))
7-8pm Meditation with Michelle
11:30am & 7pm Yoga for Energy with Karla
5:15pm Kids Yoga with Karen
6pm – 7pm Teen Yoga with Karen
5:45pm Prenatal Yoga with Gabrielle
7-10pm You are a Living Biocomputer Course 6/11-19/12 with Karla (Course)
11:45am Wellbeing Yoga with Monica
7pm Vinyasa Flow with Sarah
7pm Mediation with Michelle
8:30pm Dance Fitness with Trish (8 euro Drop in)
12-1pm Chair Yoga with Dorothy
8-9pm Gong Meditation with Anna & Michael
9am -10am Hatha Vinyasa Flow with Aoife
11am-12pm Breathe with the Beat – on your Feet! (ages 10+) with Karla
11am – 12pm Vinyasa Flow to the Beat with Karla


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