Private Yoga sessions are available with House of Yoga Studio founder Karla Kelly at House of Yoga Waterford. One on one Yoga classes are useful for those who are complete beginners to yoga and who would like a general introduction to yoga before joining a class. Its also a great idea for those with injuries who are beginning an exercise programme after a period of injury to have a personal session to establish conscious care in the recovery plan and adapt poses to support and strengthen the body optimally after the injury or surgery.
For those who would like to go deeper into your own practice, a private lesson is a great way to focus in on the challenges or postures you find challenging in your own yoga practice and get clear experienced support and feedback for the 

We conduct private yoga classes at our studio in the Forest Room.  Each session is designed specifically for you,
and will focus on exercises for your body type, taking into consideration your personal health and goals. Pranayama (breath work) and meditation techniques are also part of each individual session. 

If you are a beginner, it is a great way to learn proper alignment. If you are intermediate or advanced, it is the opportunity to take your practice a step further and work on personal needs. Private classes will improve your technique, increase your motivation, and help you focus on your potential to attain the level you aim for.

  • Personal program to support your wellness goals
  •  Flexible timing to suit your schedule
  •  Achieve results faster
  •  Work on a specific health issue or injury recovery
  •  Acquire a greater appreciation of your own body, its potential and limitations