Lomi Lomi & Pregnancy Massage with Anna Zanarek
Anna Zaranek is an experienced intuitive massage therapist. Her areas of expertise and knowledge are centred around different styles of hawaiian body work called Lomi Lomi. It’s unique therapy and experience that brings you the alignment and balance to all aspects of yourself. This massage helps you not only relieve physical tension but also mental, emotional and spiritual blockages. It brings profound healing to your body and mind.
Another one of Anna’s specialities is pregnancy massage( based onLomi Lomi which she is actively pursuing since 2012) and sound therapies such as sound massage and gong meditation.
Anna’s journey with transformational and healing therapies started in 2010 shortly after her back injury. This situation motivated her to search and reach for alternative therapies and techniques.
She studied holistic massage in Dublin for a year but felt that something important was missing. That’s when she decided to do another training in Lomi Lomi massage that she experienced some time earlier. Since then she went to Hawaii to study there with Susan Floyd and became a teacher.
She continued her journey towards self awareness and self healing by further training.
Her most influential teachers are Jody Soltau (Ancient Lomi Lomi) and Tamara Stephens-wife of Kahu Abraham Kawaii and co-teacher. Kahu Abraham was the firstĀ teacher to share this ancient wisdom with public and people from outside of Hawaii. Since his passing Tamara continues his legacy.