Ki Massage & Spiritual Healing with Carol Martin

Carol Martin has been involved in the healing field for over 25 years. She has gained huge knowledge through her personal life. Carol is a very gifted healer and is dedicated, passionate and deeply spiritual about helping others help themselves. 

Carol has spent considerable time developing her skills as a healer, by attending various Seminars and Courses around the world with other amazing practitioners. She incorporates all this experience into her profession and it certainly comes across as to how much she loves what she is doing. 

‘Ki’ means energy or life force and a ‘Ki-Massage’ literally energises the whole body from head to toe dissolving stress and tension, in the muscles and in the mind, improving the circulation and promoting a really deep state of relaxation, both mentally and physically. Ki-Massage is a Holistic Therapy which aims to restore good health and well-being.
Spiritual Healing is a completely natural process. It’s non-invasive and it is fully compatible with any other type of medical treatment. It consists in opening the connection with the source of all things and allowing you to tap into unlimited energy to help you in the way that is right for you. It will allow for you to reconnect to your natural resources, talents and power.
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