Karla Kelly

_MG_0685Karla Kelly (BA, MPhil) has been practising yoga regularly since her teens and teaching since 2009. As well as her Yoga training, since 1998 she has been training in Healing Modalities and has qualified in Theraputic Massage, Sound Healing, Breathwork and Shamanic Healing.  She has taught Hot Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga and more advanced yoga classes for over 7 years and especially since she set up the House of Yoga Waterford Studio. Karla has been a practicing SGI Buddhist for 14 years and this is evident in her teaching of yoga. She incorporates mindfulness and a constant present moment awareness and wonder to her classes, encouraging students to develop their asana practice as a conscious and moving meditation.
 She set up House of Yoga Waterford in 2013 just after she began Irelands first 300Hr advanced training course with the Yoga Room in Dublin. She has learned from international teachers & longtime yoga practitioners such as Jodie Rufty,  James Higgins & Veronica Larsson. Her yoga practice is influenced by her mindfulness and meditation practice and also her interest in the subtle body, energy body and chakra system. She completed her 300hr training in 2015 and continues to deepen her practice with online training and regular courses with her teachers.
Alongside her love of yoga Karla is a DJ who is very passionate about House Music; she has brought these passions together as the creator of House of Yoga, the method. House of Yoga is a method of aligning Yoga Asanas with the beat and rhythm of a house music soundtrack via the breath and has been travelling and teaching it around Ireland in yoga studios and festivals such as the Electric Picnic and Glastonbury,  since 2010. 
Teaching & Sharing HouseofYoga is Karla’s greatest passion
check out house of yoga on http://www.housemusicyoga.com