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We have our own Kangen Machine in Studio, read below about the amazing health benefits of the right water in your life. We offer trials of the water, and sell water on site for classes at 1 euro per bottle. Get in touch with us to find out more about how to benefit from Kangen Water, and read below for more information!

We are delighted to announce that House of Yoga Waterford became a distributor of Kangen Water Machines and products!

Change your water, change your life!

What is Kangen Water®?

Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic’s innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.

In Japanese, the word “Kangen” means “back to the source”. This is water the way nature intended it, in its purest and most beneficial form. In combination with a healthy lifestyle and diet, it will help to detoxify, purify and lower the body’s acidity. Your health, wellness and vitality will improve remarkably. It has been shown to improve a variety of health conditions and diseases and can even make them disappear entirely!

website Kangen 2Your stomach is very acidic, with a pH of 3.5 or below, so it can break down food. And your urine changes, depending on what you eat — that’s how your body keeps the level in your blood steady. The alkaline diet claims to help your body maintain its blood pH level. Water has a neutral pH of 7. Blood has a pH of 7.35 to 7.45, slightly alkaline. Your body fights hard to neutralize acids and maintain the proper pH in organs, tissues and body fluids. But it can only do that for so long before a condition known as acidosis occurs. You have to give the body what it needs. Choose Enagic Kangen Water!

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Strong Acidic Water pH 2.5:
This water has highly disinfecting properties. Use it to sanitize the kitchen utensils and surfaces, bathrooms, disinfect your hands, your toothbrush or use it as a mouth wash. Save money on cleaning products and keep your home safe from toxic chemicals!

Acidic Water pH 4.0 – 6.0
The astringent properties of Acidic water are effective in toning and firming your skin, which means you can use it as a face toner. After washing your hair you can use Acidic Water as a conditioner to help you reduce tangles and to bring out a radiant shine. It also helps to remove stains from hardwood floors and bring out the shine in glass surfaces.

Neutral Water pH 7.0
It is a delicious drinking water that is easily absorbed by your body. Highly recommended for preparing baby formula or ingesting medication.

Kangen Water pH 8.5 – 9.0 – 9.5
This type of water is perfect for drinking and healthy cooking. It works to restore your whole body to its natural, alkaline state, which optimizes health. Kangen Water® may give freshness and life to plants. The water stimulates germination and improves seedling development.

Highly Alkaline Water pH 11.5
Strong Kangen Water preserves hygiene in your daily life due to its powerful cleaning effect. It has dissolving and heat conducting benefits.  Removes rawness from vegetables such as onion and helps removing oil and coffee stains.

Enagic Kangen Water® Benefits:

Hydration  and  Drinkability
Ionized alkaline water is an excellent source of healthful hydration   because not only does it taste better with a superior mouth-­feel, it is more readily absorbed by the body. This increases the “drinkability” of  water by reducing the usual feeling of being “bloated” from drinking  the recommended daily allowance of 8 glasses per day. In side‐by­-side  tests, most people can taste the difference!

Micro  Clustering
Preliminary studies have evidenced a phenomenon identified as “micro clustering” which refers to the exceptionally small “structured” molecules of alkaline water. Numerous benefits have been associated with this phenomenon.

Free Radical Scavenging
Ionized alkaline water supports the wellness of bodily organs while promoting the health of those same organs. Part of the reason for these benefits is that ionized alkaline water has been demonstrated to be an   antioxidant free radical scavenger.

Encouraging Longevity

Scientifically recognized benefits of water include the support of wellness and longevity. The natural benefits of water are encouraged and enhanced by alkalinity. Alkalinity is the state in which water is most harmonious with its physiological wellness benefits.


Water is the universal solvent that our bodies rely on for flushing toxins and waste products from the body. With its negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and great  taste, you can count on ionized alkaline water such as Kangen Water® to aid in the neutralization of free radicals and address all of your body’s hydration needs.

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