House of Yoga

House of Yoga is a fusion of Yoga with House Music. Its the unique class of the studio, as the method has been developed by the studio owner and director, Karla Kelly, and refined over several years of teaching locally and in workshops around the country. The House of Yoga is a dance for embodiment of the rhythm of a beat. Its a light yet profound way of moving with yoga asanas and music which creates a great sense of balance in our rhythms. Its a method/ a unique practice of aligning our movements in tune with our breath as we inhale and exhale to the rhythm of the housemusic Soundtrack. Its a synergy of Body, Breath. Beat. Body. The body; as our instrument of action in the world , has many rhythms and ways of expressing themselves. As adults we so rarely play in our bodies. We do serious work all day and then do serious exercise in the evening. So we can tune into our playful rhythmic side in house of yoga. House of Yoga has a fixed method which gives safety and security to the mind and heart – allowing the movement of the body to be ordered and organised initially. After a half hour or so of the method- the body releases and the natural flow can happen. Breath. Breath is life. When we breathe more fully and consciously, we create more consciousness in ourselves and as we do that together in rhythm @ house of yoga, your house, your rhythm becomes more balanced with those around you and we breathe life into the experience of moving together. Because we’re inhaling with the rhythm of the beat, the breath seems less serious and more fun, so we can guide our bodies and minds into deep pranayama under the disguise of House Music! Beat. The beat is a drawing in and drawing out experience in house of yoga. When we dance in rhythm are are you drawing the beat from outside in or inside out? Of course sometimes you’re doing both. And as a group then its one movement, one collective breath, one dance of housemusicyoga! The house’ of house music is a joyful celebration of healing rhythms and positive poetic lyrics of the best of house music. We all really love to party, and house of yoga is like a bodyparty☺!!!