Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga Classes have developed by our teachers in House of Yoga Waterford and combine a strong and dynamic yoga class with specific alignment and energetic principles which and develop core stability.  The Hour long classes (with 5 minutes Savasana/Relaxation) are designed for those who are short on time but like a strong and intense workout. These challenging classes will take you through a series of focused, progressive postures to promote a cleansing of sweat, reshaping muscles, and increase strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. The heat improves the body’s pliability in order to deepen your practice. Our Studio has installed a unique infrared heating system. This system allows your body to detoxify 7 times faster. The infrared heaters in our studio penetrate your body tissues, inducing a natural fever situation without a fever. This induced fever causes the body to sweat & remove toxins, increase circulation and helps the body function more efficiently. Enjoy softer and clearer skin tone, reduced muscle and joint tenderness and soreness, increased weight loss with a proper nutritional program, the ability to have a deeper more relaxing sleep, and reduce stress. Hot Yoga is a self massage to every muscle in the entire body. It cleanses, detoxifies, strengthens, reshapes and improves your overall health like nothing else you can do. Our Classes ‘Hot Yoga Flow’ and ‘Hot Core Power’ are the same level class, but with a different emphasis; Hot Yoga Flow is a more generic Vinyasa Class, Hot Core Power has a lot of core strength work included into the sequence. All classes are challenging so if you like the intensity of a good workout with the special yoga magic this is the class for you!