Gabrielle Walsh

image001 Gabrielle Walsh teaches a friendly relaxing, carefree pregnancy yoga class. Gabrielle graduated with a Diploma in Business Studies and languages. Thereafter worked with Aerlingus Senior Cabin Crew for 10 years where she got to travel the world. Gabrielle is now married with 3 children. She has been practising Yoga for the last 8 years and holds a Diploma in Yoga from YTTC Dublin and a Diploma in Pregnancy Yoga from Tri Yoga, London. Gabrielle has learned from her studies, teaching and the birth of her 3 children how helpful and supportive pregnancy yoga can be. Gabrielle’s class will show you how pregnancy yoga can help you connect with your baby and make the birth of your baby the most precious experience of your life. Pregnancy Yoga is proven to help mothers prepare for a stress free pregnancy. The skills to be learned during her classes will help you to relax and sooth any anxiety, or fearful thoughts, which help you prepare for the calm birth of your baby. Gabrielle loves to chat with all prospective mums who want to join the class so co call her on 097 9038650 for a chat about the class and course.