From 6-9 on Friday 29th come join us for a free introduction talk, on how TCM can be a benefit to your health and wellness, by Dheai Isaaid.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient set of practices from China that operate under the belief that the processes of the human body are interrelated and connected to the environment. TCM practitioners approach healthcare from a holistic standpoint, looking for the underlying imbalances and disharmonies behind an illness. The practitioner will look at the whole picture and try to treat the patient, instead of just the disease. We will also be joined by Joanne Denn, Kangen Water Consultant, Holistic Practitioner and Acupuncturist, who will talk on the benefits of drinking Alkaline ionised water. Joanne will also share with you new medical studies by Dr H.S. Filtzer MD FACS (Cardiologist and co inventor of the heart stint)
Light refreshments will be available!

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