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Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga enjoyed from the comfort and safety of a chair. You get a wonderful all over stretch while sitting in your chair or standing next to it. The exercises improve your strength and flexibility. They are perfect for people of all ages and with limited mobility. This form of yoga is also perfect for office workers. Get the benefits of yoga from your office chair. Maybe you are interested in yoga, but are put off by the extreme exercises you normally associate with the practice, then this practice is just for you. This type of yoga brings all the benefits of yoga without the hassle of getting up and down on the floor.
Chair Yoga is wonderful for anyone interested in a gentle yoga practice.
What happens in the class?

Relaxation Routine – learn how to relax more through simple exercises.
Breathing Exercises – help increase your energy and vitality while reducing tiredness and tension.
Warm Up Routines – these help prepare the body for the gentle exercises ahead.
Yoga Exercises – these gentle exercises give your body a wonderful all over stretch as well as making you stronger and more agile.
Positive Living – chat about living a full and happy life.
Final Relaxation Meditation – class ends with a lovely restful meditation.

The classes are friendly and fun and guaranteed to make you smile

The cost is €10 per class or €50 for 6 classes.