Amy O Neill

I first discovered Reflexology at the age of 19 when I was asked my someone would I exchange dance classes for Reflexology sessions. I hadn’t a clue what Reflexology was but said yes anyway! I really enjoyed my sessions and found it relieved my IBS and hay fever symptoms greatly. I then continued on with my dancing and other professions until 2007 when I decided I’d like to go back to collage.I was living in Spain at the time so this was a daunting decision to make, I had to get my head around studying in a foreign language and returning to education after a 5 year break!
I was accepted onto the Holistic Therapies course which thankfully turned out to be a very positive experience thanks to the help and support of very dedicated teachers and wonderful classmates. On completing this course I qualified as a Reflexologists & Massage Therapist.
I realised then I had a passion for Reflexology finding myself amazed at its power every time I treated a client.
However as the years went by and my client cases grew more and more complex I felt I needed to up skill in order to really give people the break through moment they looked for.
Finally in 2018 I was blessed with the opportunity to train under the teachings of Hanne Marquardt. Here I learned Reflexotherpy and was blown away by the benefits one can achieve with every treatment. Straight away I switched my regular Reflexology clients over to Reflexotherapy and their progress has been greatly accelerated.
Benefits of Reflexotherapy include;
*Improves sleep
*Reduces anxiety
*Regulates appetite
*Regulates the menstrual cycle
*Encourages Fertility
*Anti inflammatory
*Reduces pain
*Calms the mind
*Supports immune system
The list could go on!
If you’d like more information about your own personal situation please 089-4279442.
Thanks for reading.