House of Yoga is firstly, or was firstly, the method. House of Yoga (housemusicyoga) is a fusion between yoga and deep and disco house music. The method was developed by Karla Kelly in 2009-10 – (to find out more click here – link to housemusicyogapage) and was born, naturally from a love of yoga and house music. The method involves fusing the rhythm of the breath with the rhythm of the housemusicbeat and synchronizing the movements of the body with this rhythm in a Vinyasa style yoga practice. The studio is the ‘home’ of the method and as such is fitted with a Bose surround sound system for a deeper sonic vibration in the house of yoga class! To try a class – click here? House of is also a ‘home’. As Yoga teachers we want House of Yoga Waterford to feel like space you can be yourself in. When you leave your day to come to the Studio, we’d like you to feel like you’re entering a welcoming and calm environment where all of who you are is allowed and embraced! We created the environment of the studio with this in mind. Finally the house of yoga is where we invite all students to come home to their own house! Your body, mind, heart and spirit is where you live all the time and our mission is to help you feel more and at home in YOU, the whole of you.